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$9.99 a Month Web Hosting

Best Web Host – Best Web Hosting includes EMAIL & cPanel.

Most web sites use our $9.99 a month web hosting service.
If you have a large web site – please let us know and we will quote you a monthly web hosting fee.

Best Web Host servers support WordPress. At no extra cost – Best Web Host will install WordPress on your web site on our Best Web Host servers.

Best Web Host has been in the web hosting and web design business since 1998. Best Web Host lives up to our Best Web Host name. 26 years of being in the web hosting business shows that we are truly the BEST WEB HOSTING. There are reasons that – in spite of being a small company – we successfully compete with major companies.

Best Web Host Full Featured Best Web Host Plans include EMAIL and cPanel

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$9.99 A Month Web Hosting


Best Web Host state-of-the-art web hosting servers proudly support WordPress. At no extra cost- we will install WordPress on your web site on our web hosting servers.

Best Web Host web hosting servers use State of the art technology and are located in high security U.S.A. data centers.

Best Web Host includes an easy to use Control Panel
( cPanel ) click here for more specifics about the control panel. Email and many other features are easily set up using the control panel.

Best Web Host includes IMAP and POP3 E-Mail Accounts

Email Accounts are accessible using any cell phones including iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc and Email Accounts are also accessible using almost any email software including Outlook and Thunderbird and Mac Mail.

E-Mail Aliases- all aliases are sent to one default box (default email is email not addressed to any specific mail box at your domain name). If you prefer not to receive the default mail it can be set to automatically delete.

Best Web Host includes E-Mail Forwarding. You can forward your email to your gmail or yahoo or AOL or any other email address.

Best Web Host includes Email Filters to help stop you from receiving tons of spam.

Best Web Host servers delete all spam from known spammers on the anti-spam filter lists called spamcop and spamhaus and those emails do not get delivered to you.

Best Web Host includes Spam Assassin anti-spam filters. If you enable spam assassin for your email – you can set up spam assassin to automatically delete spam mail before it gets delivered to you.
if you prefer- you can set up spam assassin to mark what it thinks is spam and you will continue to receive the spam in your mail boxes -but -it will be marked as spam.
If you monitor what spam assassin marks as spam and if you are pretty confident that spam assassin is not deleting important email, you can change spam assassin to delete the spam email and not deliver it to you.

Best Web Host includes Anti-Spam filtering. This allows you to block specific words or phrases from ever being delivered to your email addresses. (This feature can be set up site wide or just for specific email addresses.)

Best Web Host includes 24/7 FTP access

Best Web Host includes 5 Parked Domains. Parked Domains are additional domain names that point to the same home page as your main domain name.

Best Web Host includes CGI BIN.

Best Web Host includes Web site statistics reports.

Best Web Host includes using Streaming Audio/Video.

Best Web Host includes a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE

Best Web Host includes MySQL database.

Best Web Host includes a Backup Button in the control panel for you to make your own easy backups of your web site.

Best Web Host includes an easy to use custom error page manager

Best Web Host includes using your own Domain Name
(does not include Domain Name Registration Fees).

Best Web Host includes Daily, Weekly and Monthly Server Backups.

Best Web Host includes Hot Link Protection. If this option is turned on, it will prevent other sites from stealing your bandwidth. Bandwidth theft also known as hot-linking or direct linking and is is a big problem on the web today – unless you have this feature enabled for your web site.

Best Web Host includes IP Deny Manager.

Best Web Host includes Cron Jobs.

Best Web Host includes a FREE SHOPPING CART
click here for FREE SHOPPING CART details

Best Web Host and specializes in Best Web Hosting, Web Design and Web Site Maintenance. Best Web Host is an American company run by Americans. Best Web Host technical support is always in the U.S.A.

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