Do It Yourself Web Design

Do It Yourself Web Design

Best Web Host has been in the web hosting business since 1998 and we are proud to say that some of our best and oldest clients are experts in Do It Yourself Web Design. It’s very exciting for you when you design and update your own website or your business website. Don’t get us wrong — Best Web Host also does web design since 1998 — it’s really a matter of choice whether you prefer to do it yourself or to have someone else design your website for you.

When you design your own website, you get the satisfaction of seeing your website from anywhere all over the world and knowing that you designed it from start to finish. Whether you’re a novice at website design or you’re an expert, Best Web Host servers are state-of-the-art and are able to support any type of web design software that you want to use.

For those of you that are already experts in web design – you will be happy to know that Best Web Host includes 24/7 access to FTP with all of our web hosting plans. You can also publish directly from your web design software to our Best Web Host servers. Best Web Hosting supports WordPress and any other kind of Linux/UNIX based web design software that you want to use.

For those of you that have no idea how to start your own Do It Yourself Web Design web design project, Best Web Host is here to help you. At Best Web Host you will get your own personal technical representative and customer service representative. Don’t be scared off by people that say you yourself can’t design a high-quality website. Most people can design their own website. As long as you have the time and the desire, the world of web design is at your feet.

Best Web Host has noticed that the biggest mistake that people make when trying to design their own website is that they use a useless template supplied by some of the major domain name registration and web hosting companies. We won’t name names — but you know who they are. Best Web Host gets a lot of business from those companies’ frustrated clients. Not all web design templates are bad — in fact there are many excellent templates to choose from. WordPress has thousands of different themes and designs for templates including all sorts of styles and colors. At no extra cost – Best Web Host will install WordPress and FREE WordPress templates  on your web site on our web hosting servers. Not only that – Best Web Host will even help you for FREE to get you started – You must be a web hosting client of to take advantage of this offer. We will even show you how to modify a WordPress site so that you can expand and update the site yourself.

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